See your Voice Mail Differently. Speech to Text now Available for Avaya IP Office, Hosted PBX, and NEC customers

Digitcom is now offering speech to text on a per subscriber basis for all Avaya IP Office and hosted PBX customers.  When a voice mail message arrives in your mailbox the message will be transcribed by Digitcom’s servers and sent back to you in an email with the speech transcribed as text within 3 to 4 minutes of receiving the message.  Using speech to text has allowed our sales reps to view urgent messages more discretely in noisy places and in meetings ensuring voice messages never sit in voicemail.  The transcription service is available as an optional add-on a per user per subscriber basis for as little as $5 / month, and now allows users to read and manage their voice mail as quickly and easily as email. The system will transcribe messages of as long as 3 minutes.

Best of all, no expensive phone system upgrades are required.  The service works across all the platforms that Digitcom sells including Avaya IP Office, NEC SV8100, SV9100, SL1100, and hosted PBX.  Pricing is as follows:

  1. Speech to Text, 1 to 9 users = $6 / user / month
  2. Speech to Text, 10 + users = $5 / user / month
  3. ** Minimum 3 users / company required, with a one time set-up fee of $50

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An Excerpt from Answering Your Call: How to Buy A Phone System

NOTE: The book is officially available for eBook/Kindle pre-order! June 1st it goes on official sale! Here is a link to the book on Amazon. We look forward to the readership.

Digitcom is pleased to announce that in a few weeks, we will publish our book: Answering Your Call: How to Buy A Phone System! The book is for anybody thinking of buying either a new phone system for their business, or their first! If you feel any confusion, or apprehension in the face of updating or establishing what is arguably your business’s most powerful tool – the telephone – Answering Your Call should take care of that.

So, with all that in mind, we’ve decided to preview some of the book. Below is the Foreword, in full, meant to give a taste of what’s to come, and present the full context in which you should read and study this book.

Check it out below:

“How to Buy a Modern Phone System” is not only a tangible question with applicable answers, it is a tool, and an invitation, to reflect on a more significant, ever-evolving picture.

Let’s give that a try.

What we consider “modern” changes perpetually. So how do you find something that won’t become antiquated in a few years or even months? How do you keep pace?

What about the subject of a phone system? It’s a form of contact, and methods and points of contact change unceasingly, just like the concept of “modern”. This means customer and client-facing businesses must change along with them. Consider the following.

A female customer, angry with weak or slow service from a major company, tries to get in touch with that company via traditional routes: their website, and their phone number. She receives no response. So what does she do? She turns to Twitter and vents to that company’s Twitter account. Suddenly, the complaint the company initially ignored is visible. Twitter becomes a public forum. The company is now forced to respond because eyes are on them, and in this context their actions serve as an example of their integrity as a company as a whole.

Real companies have been subject to this treatment over the last few years: British Airlines, United Airlines, Bank of America – the list goes on.

The point is, social media put them under a lot of pressure – but that’s a good thing.

The publicization of business-customer relations has forced the best, most attentive customer service in some time. Companies must now be reachable on social media, reachable at their home website (live chat), and reachable at a toll-free number. Anything less is automatically considered poor service, and you can be confident Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and Facebook reviews will reflect that.

Throughout Answering Your Call, I discuss everything from different phone systems to contact centers to methods of optimizing business performance as a whole.

You must consider all of this through the lens of a modern, connected world. For example, when I say “call center,” you probably conjure an image, rightly or wrongly, of row after row of headset-wearing employees, inputting customer info, routing calls, and mumbling.

Take, for example, a major subject in the book: Contact Centers. We have replaced the outdated term “call center” with a term that reflects the present and leaves room for the future. “Contact” encompasses e-mail, phone, IM, social media, and presumably any other eventual method of B2B or B2C interaction.

There is a lesson to be learned in updating the term for a service so integral to business success: Embrace the inevitable, perpetual motion toward change in this business. Let that sentiment keep you building, refining, and moving forward throughout the growth of your business.

Answering Your Call fills in all the gaps you didn’t realise existed (or mattered) thanks to a brief history lesson, a look at solutions, a look at applicable features, a look at potentially unforeseeable rookie mistakes, and more.

Get excited and dive in.


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Why Hosted PBX is the Perfect Solution for Small Businesses

For many small businesses the thought of employing advanced communications solutions like Hosted PBX is often a pipedream, the features of these systems—like mobile twinning, conferencing, and unified messaging—thought to be reserved for the large businesses who can afford the more expensive digital lines (PRI circuits) and who have the tech resources on staff to support and maintain the phone system itself. But such is not the case!

Digitcom expanding

While many of us may assume that Hosted PBX is for those busy offices with lots of phones, the truth of the matter is that these types of advanced communication systems offer a great deal more than just the ability to employ and manage multiple extensions, providing unique and effective tools that help a business of any size, from a sole proprietorship to the largest multinationals.

Of course the one key factor in the reticence of small businesses to even consider advanced communication solutions like Hosted PBX is that they’re thought to be cost prohibitive, simply too expensive for those businesses with razor thin profit margins. The fact of the matter is, though, that there are Hosted PBX solutions that are truly affordable, available for around the same price as many people pay for their small landline for systems that offer considerably more functionality and features than the standard business phone.

1. Landline Mobility

For many years the desktop handset has handcuffed people to their office desk, but with Hosted PBX your phone is no longer a ball and chain, as the system’s remote calling features allow you to take your office handset with you wherever you go. In fact, you’ll never miss a call again as you’ll be able to operate at home, a satellite locations, on the road, or even on vacation as if you were in your office.

2. Advanced Caller ID

If your business employs multiple phone numbers for different divisions, separate businesses, or to differentiate marketing channels, the advanced Hosted PBX caller identification allows you to see a user-made description for each incoming call, so you know in advance what they’re calling about and who they want to reach.

3. Manage your Busy Times with a Call Queue

The reality for many small businesses is that during busy times multiple callers receive busy signals, which in many cases can mean the loss of customers. By employing a Hosted PBX solution callers can automatically be placed in a call queue, connected immediately to you once you’re available. While waiting, customers can also hear informative or promotional message about your company.

4. One Person Becomes Many

For some there is the appeal of one’s company appearing bigger than it actually is, and to that end, the Call Forwarding IVR menu is invaluable, as it allows the user to demarcate the different areas of your business (e.g. For Sales, press 1, For Customer Service, Press 2). While these features can all be programmed to ring one phone or a different extension, they can also be programmed to external phone numbers, prefect for businesses who out-source certain services.

5. Message and Missed-Call Notification

Possibly one of the best features for small businesses is the ability to receive an automatic notification via email every time a customer leaves a voice message. Not only that, but you can even receive notifications when callers hang up without leaving a message that include the phone number and the date and time the person called, great for turning missed sales into golden opportunities!

6. Record and Improve

Automatic call recording is invaluable in the business world, as it allows one to keep a record of verbal contracts, resolve disputes, and allows for continued education and improvement for one’s customer service and sales teams. By having the entire conversation in front of you, its far easier to discover what went right and what went wrong.

7. Call-Forwarding

For many small businesses closing time has often meant an end to communication with customers, but with Hosted PBX users are able to reroute calls to a second phone using time-based forwarding. This is an excellent feature for small businesses with several locations, as calls can be directed to whatever branch is open at that moment.

8. Call Reporting

While it may not be as flashy as some of the previous features, don’t underestimate the value of call reporting, as Hosted PBX systems are able to provide detailed analysis (date, time, length, content) of all calls your business makes, allowing you to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and your customer service; an invaluable tool for any business that continually strives to improve itself.

9. Easy-to-Learn/Easy-to-Manage

One of the unique features about Digitcom is our client education program, our dedication to training you in the ins and outs of your Hosted PBX phone system. With easy-to-access client portals, you can quickly and effectively make changes to your system that adapt to your changing business needs. Need to redirect calls to your mobile device while out of the office? No problem! It’s just a few clicks and you’re done. Not to mention that if you do have any problems, Digitcom service is one quick phone call away.

10. Affordability for Businesses of All Sizes

In the end, perhaps the greatest benefit of a Hosted PBX solution for small businesses is that all this is available at price points that even companies with the slimmest of profit margins will find affordable. To find out more please contact our dedicated sales team at Digitcom and we’ll help you get your small business or sole proprietorship on the fast track to success with an advanced Hosted PBX communication solution.


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